Jalan Buroh fire: Worker in hospital out of high dependency unit, healing from injuries

green and white leafed plantsSINGAPORE: A worker who was hospitalised after a massive fire broke out at an LPG facility in Jalan Buroh in Jurong has been moved out of the high dependency unit and is healing from his injuries, said the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) on Saturday (Jun 29).

Mr Han Xin was one of the two Chinese national workers who were taken to Singapore General Hospital with burn injuries from the fire.



The other worker, Mr Tian Yongmin, is “almost fully recovered and in the company’s care”, said MWC.

He was discharged from SGH the morning after the fire.



“MWC will continue to maintain contact with both workers and the company to ensure that any assistance required, concerning their recovery or employment, is promptly provided to them,” said the centre in a Facebook post.


Another worker, Mr Wei Xiaoyong, also a Chinese national, died in the fire.

“With our assistance, the company was able to expedite travel arrangements for the spouse and child of the deceased worker, Mr Wei Xiaoyong, to fly in to Singapore on Thursday,” said MWC.

Mr Wei’s remains were collected by his next of kin on Saturday morning.

Funeral rites, last respects and the cremation for Mr Wei will also be conducted later on the same day, added MWC.

Aftermath of a massive fire that broke out at a LPG facility in Jalan Buroh in Jurong on Jun 21, 2019. (Photo: Facebook/SCDF)

“The company has been forthcoming with the needs of Mr Wei’s loved ones, and responsible in undertaking all the necessary formalities.

“Furthermore, we have been told that the company is preparing a cash token of condolence to be given to Mr Wei’s spouse before her departure back to China,” said the centre.

“This amount will be more than adequate to help the loved ones tide through till the Work Injury Compensation is paid out.”


MWC said that to ensure there was no “unnecessary hindrance or delay in the subsequent injury assessments and compensation payments” for the workers affected in the fire, it has coordinated with PRC Embassy officials, company representatives and MOM’s work injury compensation department.

This is so that necessary claim applications, information, forms and identification documents have and will be submitted as soon as possible, said MWC.

MWC added that it has helped with the process of replacing the workers’ passports which were destroyed in the fire.

The workers of the facility will also be receiving emotional counselling.

MWC said that all workers affected by the Jalan Buroh accident “will continue to have their physical and employment well-being taken care of”.

“We offer our sympathy to all those affected and to the loved ones and family of Mr Wei Xiaoyong, we offer our deepest condolences.”

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