Chorong Paying Heavy Price for Back-to-back Controversies; An Endorsement Deal Slipping Out of her Hands

green and white leafed plantsApink’s Chorong seems to be paying a big price for the recent controversies around her. The member of the girl group might lose a contract as the company is hesitating to strike a deal with her again.

The Two Controversies

Chorong has landed in two back-to-back controversies. The first one is about bullying her classmate during her school days. The victim alleged that the Apink member bullied, physically assaulted and undressed her.

The alleged victim further added that Chorong tried to contact her recently, but she was in no mood to forgive Chorong as she demanded a public apology. “But a simple ‘sorry’ doesn’t take away the pain that I’ve endured these past ten years. After a few days, Chorong requested that we meet in person. I denied the request due to the trauma I had from that time. I then sent her a text saying, ‘I wish you wouldn’t appear on TV. If you want to continue as a celebrity, then admit to your actions and make an official apology’.” Koreaboo quoted the victim as saying.

The singer tried to contact her again this time using iPhone as it does not have a recording option, but the victim did not pick the call.

Chorong Denies Allegations

However, Chorong has admitted that she knows the victim, but denied all the allegations made against her. The agency of the 30-year old is now taking legal action against the victim for spreading false rumours.

The second controversy broke out after her pictures of boozing with her friends at the age of 17 were leaked online. The Apink member has admitted that it was her in the picture.

Following the two controversies, it looks like Soju brand is slipping out of her hands. On the other hand, Chorong has lent an apology to the fans for hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

“I have given the fans who have been supporting me for 10 years since debut, such a huge wound. I was afraid that because of this incident, my sincere words and actions previously would be felt as fake, and I was afraid that I would disappoint the fans that trusted and supported me. I thoroughly feel sorry to our members, fans, as well as company staff and everyone who has helped me. I seek the forgiveness of everyone and the members for delivering such news on our tenth anniversary, and apologize sincerely with my head bowed,” the website quotes her as saying.

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